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Windows is a series of Operating System versions developed by Microsoft Corporation. The software company has come up with various types of windows since the famous Windows 95 launch. The ones commonly being used now are Windows XP, its successor Windows Vista and one of the latest installments, that is, Windows 7. This Windows 7 support article will help you decide which edition of Windows 7 suits your needs.

Windows 7 Home Premium is actually the most basic version of Windows 7. In case you are just using your system for home purposes, such as going online and playing games, then it will be very much suitable for you. Windows 7 Home Premium comes with Internet Explorer 8, an advanced desktop navigation and it is easier to search for your documents and files.

When you consider Windows 7 Professional, it is for those people who wish to do office work as it comes with the same functions with Windows 7 Home Premium and also consisting of additional functions such as the capability to run many XP productivity programs in Windows XP Mode. It also has Domain Join which helps connect company networks easily and securely, and also it allows for a full backup of a home or business network.

Windows 7 Ultimate however contains most number of features, as it comes with everything that is available in Windows 7 Home Premium and even in Professional, with extras such as BitLocker – a program that helps protect your computer’s data and portable storage devices against theft or loss, and it also allows you to work in 35 different types of languages.

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Now, the choice is yours as it all boils down to what you will be using your system for. Among the different types of windows edition there is, you should be able to get one based on your needs. If it is for home purposes, then there is no need for that much additional backup functions it would be advisable to get Windows 7 Home Premium. But, if it is for working or home business purposes, it is best to get Windows 7 Professional as it allows computers to connect easily with Domain Join. Plus, you can back up home or business network. But if you want better security then get Windows 7 ultimate is better, as it comes with BitLocker installed. It will help protect your computer’s data, and that on your portable devices.

Hope this Windows 7 support article helped you choose the Windows 7 version that suits you.

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Upgrade Your System To Windows 7 From XP

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You have come to the right page to know how to upgrade from your old and outdated Windows XP operating system to the new Windows 7 operating system. Though Windows 7 OS is not the latest OS, as long as XP users are concerned, Windows 7 is the most appropriate operating system to move to and you get round the clock Windows 7 support from Microsoft for a few more years.

But, it is not possible to upgrade to Windows 7 directly from your Windows XP. This is because of Windows 7 is not the successor operating system to XP. That was Windows Vista. However, since Vista is also set to lose support from Microsoft in a few years, it is not apt to upgrade to it.

Although you can’t upgrade to Windows 7 from XP, you can migrate, which means you can go for a fresh installation of Windows 7. You need to do two things before that; 1) Verify that your Windows XP machine meets the system requirements to run Windows 7 in it and 2) ensure that all important data in your current PC is saved in a backup file.

System requirements to install the Windows 7 operating system

Processor: 32 bit or 64 bit processor with 1 GHz or more. It is also quite possible to use a multi core processor with Windows 7.


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RAM: If you are installing 32 bit version of Windows 7, 1GB of RAM will do. To run 64-bit version of OS, you should at least have 2GB of RAM.

Graphics Card requirements: graphics card DirectX9.

Free space in the hard drive: To install Windows 7 32-bit version OS, ensure that you have 16GB of free space in the hard drive. For 64-bit version OS, it is 20GB.

After ensuring that your machine meets the system requirements to install Windows 7, you can move to the next step that is creating a backup for the data. You need to use an external hard drive to backup all your important data and files. Once the files are backed up, install Windows 7.

Hope you were able to migrate to Windows 7 from your Windows XP machine smoothly. Feel free to contact the Windows 7 support online if you need any assistance.

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Unzipping Compressed Files In Windows 7

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When you want to sent big files from your computer through email programs, then it was necessary that you compress these files to a folder and then sent this folder. This is because most of the internet email programs do not have the capabilities to send bigger files through it. By compressing files, you can reduce the size of the files. Another method to sent big files was to make use of some third party applications. However, since the compressing feature was present in most of the operating systems, majority of people depended on it to sent big files through emails.

Now, what will you do with a compressed folder that you have received from another person? The older operating systems from Microsoft like Windows 98, Windows XP etc. did not have the capabilities of unzipping these files. It required the user to download and install any of the third party unzipping files from the internet and then use it to unzip the files. This gave many troubles to the users because sometimes these third party programs may not function properly.

However, the customers who use Windows 7 operating systems no longer face this trouble. This is because the operating system is equipped with the capabilities to unzip the compressed files. In this Windows 7 support section, we will take you through the steps to unzip a compressed folder.

Steps Involved

  • Download the zip folder that came as an attachment in the email to your computer.
  • Navigate to the location of the compressed folder.
  • Double click the zip folder.
  • You will find the button Extract all files here at the top left of the newly opened window. Click this button.

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  • Choose the option Browse in the next screen
  • Navigate to a location where you wish to unzip the files. Once you browse to this location, click OK.
  • Choose the option Extract. The files from the compressed folder will be unzipped to the location you have chosen.

We hope that the above steps have helped you to unzip compressed folders on your Windows 7 computer. Keep in mind that it does not require you to download and install any third party applications for unzipping files if your computer’s operating system is Windows 7. For additional assistance on unzipping files in the operating system, you may contact the Windows 7 support center or our technical support team.

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Microsoft Announces Major Update For Xbox One Gaming Console

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It is almost four months now since Microsoft released its new Xbox One gaming console. Gamers across the world received the game console with mixed reactions. While some liked the console for its unique features, others seem to prefer Sony’s PS4. When some of the gamers contacted Microsoft chat support for assistance regarding a couple of issues, they were informed that Microsoft would release a major update to the console that would fix all the problems. The update is set to be released in the month of April.

Last week, the tech giant made an official announcement about this April update. It also gave a detailed account of the contents that the update would have. Here is what you can expect in the April update for Xbox One. For more information about the same, feel free to get in touch with the Microsoft chat support.

The Xbox One April Update Details

Update for game/app saves:  The update for game/app saves is certainly going to be useful to gamers. The update will add a progress bar that would indicate the present status of the saved games or apps. It will also tell you about the recent update status as well as details of the apps or games.

Improvements to Kinect motion and voice: A few users have complained that the quality of Xbox One command response is not up to the mark. Microsoft assures that the update would bring a lot of improvements to the Kinect motion and voice which will ensure maximum quality for Xbox One command response. Other remarkable improvements in this regard include improvements to the compression algorithm in order to fine tune GameDVR video quality.

Friends notifications

GameDVR video quality

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The April update will also bring about a few changes to the notifications. Users will see notifications when any of their friends in the group signs in to their Xbox Live account. Microsoft said that this feature was requested by a huge number of Xbox One users in the past couple of months.

In addition to these announced features, Microsoft said that it was working on a few other features like support for external storage and new game save features. However, Microsoft announced that some of these features wouldn’t be ready for the April update.

Hope this article was useful to you. For more details about the Xbox One April update, contact the Microsoft chat support online.

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Changing The System Language From German To English In Windows 7

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It is easily possible for you to change between the English and German language setting, if you are using the Ultimate or Enterprise editions of Windows 7. However, in order to proceed, you need to install the English language pack. This can be done by using the Windows Upgrade menu. You may not be able to change between English and German language settings, if you are not using the Enterprise or Ultimate editions of Windows 7.  Well, given below are some easy instructions given by the Windows 7 support team to change from German to English language in Windows 7.

How to install English language

  • Navigate your mouse pointer towards the lower left corner of your Windows Start screen and click on the button called Start. On the Windows Start menu, you need to click the option called Control Panel.
  • Under the section called Windows Update seen in the Control Panel options, you need to click on the option Check for Updates.
  • From the left side panel, you need to click the option called ‘…optional updates are available’.
  • Next, you need to checkmark the box that is seen adjacent to the option English Language Pack, followed by clicking the button called OK seen at the bottom side.
  • To install the language pack, you need to click the option called Install Updates that is seen on right. After making the necessary changes, you need to restart your Windows 7 computer to let the changes to take effect.

How to change to English Language

  • Navigate to the Windows 7 Start menu and click the option called Control Panel.
  • Under the heading called Clock, Language and Region, you need to click the option named Change display language.

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  • Under the m section Choose a display language, you will see a drop down arrow. Click it.  From there, change the display language from German to English. Now English will be your new display language.
  • To adopt the new English language display, you need to click the option called Apply. Now, you need to log off your machine to make the changes to take effect.

The above instructions given by the Windows 7 support team will help you change the language to English from German in a Windows 7 computer. To know more regarding this, dial the Windows support number.

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