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After Windows XP’s end of support, it is the turn of Windows 7. Few months back, the world’s leading software maker, Microsoft Corporation, reminded Windows 7 users that it would stop providing the mainstream support for Windows 7 in January next year.

You know what happens next, when news like this comes up. It did not take much time for internet users to flood the cyberspace with a wave of confused fear-mongering headlines and articles. Many comments even imply that with the end of Windows 7 mainstream support, the OS is going to follow Windows XP to the grave.

What to do

Let’s not panic. Windows 7 is not going to die that young. We need to know certain things first. Actually, all the confusion here stems from the software giant’s really confusing and obtuse naming conventions. End of mainstream support only means that the OS will no longer receive any new features or tweaks. When a Windows operating system is removed from the ‘mainstream support’ list, it then enters another support type or period; the ‘extended support’ phase. During this phase, the OS will receive all the essential patches and security updates, as well as official technical support for any issues in the system.

Users need to know that Windows 7 support has five more years after the end of mainstream support. This means that though Windows 7 will not be in active development after next January, it will certainly not be tossed to the hyenas and wolves of the internet, either.

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All genuine Windows 7 users will receive the important hotfixes. The only thing is that the only the security related ones will be available. Another thing, businesses will be able to sign up for an extended Windows 7 support plan, in case they need non-security feature updates.

The extended support for Windows 7 will continue until January 14, 2020. That is certainly a long time. You can go through the software giant’s support lifecycle for Windows online, in case you are still not satisfied about the news, and want to know how the support plan actually works.

So, coming back to not panicking, yes, you have no reason to panic. Windows 7 will not be dead for a long, long time. You still have quite some time to decide which OS to move on to next.

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Technical Support For Windows 7 Operating System

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Windows 7 is one of the operating systems from the Windows OS family that is not only loaded with many features, but also is one of the best among all other operating systems. Users who have been using Windows operating systems, can expect much while working with Windows 7 OS. When users work on Windows 7 operating system, they get to experience features and functions like never before. In addition to all of this, different features have been added to enhance security, and users also have the option to seek assistance from the Windows 7 support desk.

There is an exceptional team of certified Microsoft technicians to offer help and support for Windows 7 users. The best part is that with the help of remote assistance, they will be able to render services the same way an in-house technician would do. Like every other operating system, issues might surface up at any time. Whenever an issue surfaces, you need not worry over them, as help is available almost immediately. All you need to do is call up the support technician on the toll free number and give them the permission to take remote access. The customer will only have to sit back, relax and watch while the technician works on the computer.

With the introduction of remote connection enabled services, the overview of troubleshooting issues has literally changed. Technical support is possible very easily, both for people who are looking for help and the ones rendering support. With the improvements in technology, users do not have to wait for an in-house technician to help them solve issues. This reduces the wait time and the time spent on troubleshooting issues.

Windows 7 Operating System

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Apart from the support rendered by the official website, many other support companies render Windows 7 support for the users. They have helped customers in finding and fixing issues in the most effective way. Apart from telephone support, some of the support rendering services also help customers with chat support. This is an alternative option for people who are not comfortable speaking over the phone.

The best part is that these services for Windows 7 operating system are reliable; hence, you need not worry if there will be a breach in your computers security. The technicians are trained in such a way that they not only resolve the issue but also give you tips to prevent further issues. However, there are some fraudulent support services doing the rounds these days, beware of such before providing any personal or financial information.

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End Of Support For Windows 7

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Many people continue to use old Windows 7 operating systems on computers. The features of Windows XP were so user-friendly that quite a large group of people found it difficult to leave the platform. Microsoft extended the support offered to XP for many years and finally stopped offering the same recently. An end of support can leave the platform vulnerable and hence the better option is to install or upgrade to the latest Windows upgrade that can offer best protection and features.

It was quite difficult for many XP users to think about a transition, but quite a lot tried different update versions of Windows like Windows 8.1, Windows 8 and Windows 7. Now Windows 7 has been in the hit list and Microsoft’s next step is to end the support it had been offering for Windows 7. During transition, Windows 7 support was such a highlight that made many people tried Windows 7. However, the new move from Microsoft can definitely drive many people crazy, as the only option available will be Windows 8 and its updated version.

The new anticipated move from Microsoft is to end mainstream support offered for Windows 7. This would lead to an end of a generation because Windows 7 is the last among the group of old interface systems, even though it has a variety of new features included. Windows 7 is the platform that has the largest number of users and hence the new step from Microsoft can literally be a bad news for majority of the users.

Platform Vulnerable

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The mainstream support offered for Windows 7 will end on January 13, 2015. Thus, contacting Windows 7 support desk will not be possible thereafter. The current users have enough time to think and learn about the latest upgrades. In order to help its users with various features, Microsoft has incorporated and bundled Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 with handful of features. We cannot expect Microsoft to change their decision regarding end of support for Windows 7. They are always keen to promote their newest platforms, which is obvious. Even though the mainstream support will end in January 2015, extended support will continue until January 14, 2020.

The decision is all left to the current users of Windows 7. They have ample time to think and take a decision, whether to go for the upgrade or not.

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About End Of Support For Windows 7


Contact Microsoft Support

The Windows 7 support for the popular Windows 7 platform has not ended yet. However, it will soon end. January 2015 will be the time when Microsoft plans to end the mainstream support that it had been offering for Windows 7. Windows 7 is one of the favorite platforms of millions and even after the emergence of Windows 8 and its upgrade, Windows 7 had been successful enough to grab most of the PC market share. Being the representative of an old interface, Windows 7 had been performing well all these years. There is no surprise to see that about 60% of the PC market makes use of Windows 7, an unbeatable success.

Even though Windows 7 had been enjoying success all these years, the end of mainstream support for the platform by Microsoft will definitely affect the sales of Windows 7 platform. However, Microsoft will soon be facing many questions from Windows 7 users from different parts of the world. The move by Microsoft can be considered as a quick one, as end of support for Windows XP occurred in April 2014. A lot many users who did not wish to try Windows 8 or its upgrade purchased Windows 7. The new step by Microsoft will be a terrific blow for those users.


Get In Touch With Microsoft

End of support for a platform will create difficulties, as the users will not be able to contact the Windows 7 support team for assistance. However, end of mainstream support cannot be considered as the end of Windows 7. Extended support for the platform still prevails and that will continue until 2020 and after that, Windows 7 will have the same fate of Windows XP.

When Microsoft is busy sending reminders, Windows 7 users get ample time to upgrade to the same. Since platforms running new apps offer varieties of functionalities, enjoying the same would be better using a touch sensitive device. Windows 8.1 is designed both for the conventional desktops as well as for the modern touch platform. Thus, you can get updated with the advancements in technology through Windows 8.1. Enjoy the swipes and taps on your platform and learn the way of dealing with modern apps.

There is nothing wrong with continuing use of Windows 7; however, mainstream support will not be available after a while. You may also wait for the release of Windows 10, which is expected to have the good features of both Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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Guidelines For Creating A New Partition In Windows 7 Hard Disk

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When you install Windows 7 on your PC, the OS takes 100 MB of unoccupied space in the hard disk by default, even before you partition the hard drive. This is a separate system partition and therefore is not visible in the common Windows 7 hard drive partition graph. This system partition contains Windows 7 system files. If you have installed two different operating systems on your PC and have enabled multi-booting, there will be two system partitions on the hard drive.

How to locate system or boot partition?

Windows 7 support desk explains the steps to locate boot partition in a Windows 7 PC. Find them below.


  • Go to the Start button and choose Control Panel from the resulting menu.
  • Choose System and Security from the Control Panel window followed by Administrative tools.
  • Locate Computer Management icon in the Administrative Tools window and double-click it to open.
  • If you have password-protected the PC, you will be asked to provide the admin password to continue. Enter it to proceed.
  • In the Computer Management window, locate disk management, which you can locate beneath the Storage option. This will display a status column. You can see both System partition and Boot partition from here. The system partition can be identified by System and boot partition by Boot.

How to create a new partition on Windows 7 hard drive?

It is possible to create a new partition on Windows 7 hard drive even after the OS installation. Work out the following steps for the same.

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  • Go to Command prompt and enter diskmgmt.msc. This will display the graphical view of disk management. Go to a free area and right-click there. Select the option that says New simple view. Click Next to continue.
  • Specify the size for the new partition (volume). This should be between minimum and maximum size limit.
  • Next, specify the size of the partition in Megabytes. Go to the next step by clicking the Next button.
  • Name the new partition with a Drive letter. You can choose between drive letter or path page.
  • Format the partition now. If you do not wish to format the new partition now, skip the step and click Next followed by Finish.

You must have successfully created a new partition in your Windows 7 PC now. If you don’t feel confident to work out the above steps, contact our Windows 7 support desk.

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