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Windows 7 is a popular operating system coming from Microsoft. It is easy to install Windows 7 operating system on your computer. All you have to do is to follow the simple Windows 7 support instructions given below.


  • First of all, you need to put the installation disc for Windows 7 OS in your computer and allow your computer to boot. If the installation file is in the USB flash drive, then you need to plug the USB in to the USB port of your computer.
  • In order to place your DVD drive, you need to change the boot order of your computer. Save the changes that you have made to the BIOS and wait until your machine restarts. When a message labeled Press any key to boot from CD/DVD appears on your screen, you need to press any key using your keyboard. Now, your computer will boot automatically from the Windows installation media and you will be able to see a message called Windows is loading files.
  • Then, by using your drop down keys, you need to choose your language, time, input method as well as the currency format when the Install Windows screen appears on the screen. To continue, click the button called Next followed by clicking the button called Install Now.
  • Now after reading the license terms, you need to click the box labeled I accept the license terms and continue to the next step by clicking the Next button.
  • If you have any previous version of Windows OS installed in your computer and if you wish to keep the same files and settings, you need to click the option called Upgrade. However, if you need to install a clean copy of Windows, click the button called Custom.
  • Now, you need to choose the drive where the Windows 7 needs to be installed and click the button called Next. Now, Windows will start copying the files to your drive. During the installation process, your system may restart several times. A message called Setup is preparing Windows for first use will appear on your screen once the installation is complete.
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    Now on the Set Up Windows screen that appears, you need to type a user name and computer name followed by clicking the button called Next. You also need to type a password for the account and confirm it by once again typing it. Again, click the button called Next.

  • Next, in the appropriate space provided, you need to enter your product key and check mark the box labeled Automatically activate Windows when I’m online. To continue with the start up, click the Next button.
  • Finally, you will be able to see a message called Welcome if the installation completed successfully.

These instructions from the Windows 7 support team will help you to install Windows 7 OS successfully on your computer. For more information regarding this, contact our Microsoft support team.

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Microsoft To End Mainstream Support For Windows 7 Next Year

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If you think that the Windows XP end-of-support was the biggest matter of concern this year, wait for more – Microsoft has something bigger in store. Recent reports say that the free Windows 7 support will be ended as early as by January next year. Shocked?

It is hard to believe that in less than a year after Microsoft pulled out the plug of Windows XP, the official tech support for Windows 7 will cease to exist. This news is difficult to digest if you are a Windows 7 user or an ardent fan of the popular operating system, but let us analyze what the company means by this “end of support”.

This end of support actually refers to the date when the software giant will no longer provide things like automatic fixes, updates, or online technical support for the particular product of service. Moreover, when the support for Windows 7 ends, your system will no longer receive security updates that are needed to protect it from spyware, viruses, and other harmful software capable of stealing your personal information.

The end of support for Windows 7 could mean the worst fear coming true for users who find Windows 8 confusing. When the latest Windows operating system was released in 2012, it faced flak and hostile reviews. The online world flooded with complaints regarding the latest Windows OS, and many users had been adamantly determined to keep using Windows 7. These obstinate diehards may very well have to cave in when the support for Windows 7 will officially end next January.

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As per Forbes reports, the Windows 7 support end will happen on 13 January 2015. That means that after the end-of-life date, no new Windows 7 Service Packs or features will be released. This is not to be confused with “Extended Support” though. The “Extended Support” for Windows 7 will be available until 11 April 2017, and Windows 7 users will continue to receive some security patches.

So, as long as users of Windows 7 powered systems have a Service Pack, things will be OK until 2017. However, 2017 is not that long for Windows 7 lovers to hold out. It is better to start absorbing the tricky user interface of Windows 8 and migrate before the clock strikes.

You hardly have any other option if you prefer sticking with Microsoft products. There are other free OS options as well, but they may not be as satisfactory as using a Microsoft developed operating system.

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Use CodeTwo FolderSync To Sync Outlook 2010 Folders

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According to the latest survey results, the Outlook program has millions of users scattered all over the world. One of the important features of the program is that you can easily create Rules in the program to move contents automatically from a specific mailbox folder to another folder of your choice. However, the problem is that you will not be able to synchronize the folders automatically. CodeTwo Folder Sync is an add-in program that can be used for synchronizing contents in two specific folders of your choice.

If you have the CodeTwo Folder Sync tool installed with the Outlook program, you can easily sync the items found in two different folders without having to manually copy and move the items. With this tool installed with the email manager program, you can save time and effort needed to copy and streamline the items in the folders. According to Outlook help and support team, CodeTwo Folder Sync is one of the best folder synchronization software available in the market. If you do wish to sync any two folders in the Outlook program, make sure that you do have the CodeTwo Folder Sync tool.

You need to be careful while installing the program; Outlook help technicians advice that you should not install the tool while the Outlook program is running. The best feature of the tool is that you can easily sync any type of folders, be it contacts, calendar or email. The program can be found under the FolderSync Addin group found in the Home tab of the email application. To start the synchronization process, click on the Synchronize option.

Synchronization Software

Outlook Help Instructions

When the settings dialog box appears on the screen, select the folders that you wish to sync and then click on the Ok button after the selection is made. Once you have added the folders to be synced to the list, Outlook help will show them on the screen. The tool provides you with an option to add more folders to the list. After the selection is completed, click on the Ok button to start the synchronization process. You can easily add or remove folders to be synced by accessing the CodeTwo FolderSync settings dialog box and clicking on its tab found in the File menu.

The best feature of CodeTwo FolderSync tool is that it runs on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the Outlook email client.

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Microsoft To End The Mainstream Support For Windows 7

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Microsoft has finally decided to put an end to the support for Windows 7 as well, quite similar to Windows XP. According to the Windows 7 support team, the company is planning to end the mainstream support for Windows 7 by January 13, 2015. This has created issues for the existing Windows 7 users, especially those who have switched over to the OS from the Windows XP operating system.

The ending of mainstream support will mean that the Windows 7 users won’t be getting any more security patches or updates to ensure secure functioning of the system. The situation of the operating system will be similar to that of its predecessor i.e. Windows XP. Although the mainstream support for Windows 7 will end by next year, businesses that pay for extended Windows 7 support will continue getting updates and support for another five years i.e. until January 14, 2020. Hence, it can be said that it would be the normal users who will face severe issues regarding the unavailability of support for their Windows 7 devices.

It is clear why Microsoft has suddenly taken this decision of dropping the support for its overtly popular operating system. When the company stopped the mainstream support for Windows XP, it had foreseen an increase in the sales of the universally rejected Windows 8 operating system. On the other hand, most of the Windows XP users either moved onto Windows 7 or switched over to other operating systems with a small amount of users voting for Windows 8.

Market Share

                 Windows 7 End Of Support

According to the technicians at the Windows 7 support team, many Windows XP users call them up daily to upgrade their systems to Windows 7. This can be clearly understood from the latest market share reports. Compared to the meager 14 % achieved by Windows 8, Windows 7 has been able to attract almost 50 % of the Windows users and this speaks a lot about user friendly features available in the OS.

By employing such business strategies, one can say that Microsoft is still trying hard to make Windows 8 and 8.1 appealing to the users. Once Windows 9 gets released worldwide, Microsoft would leave no stone unturned to make all its users migrate to the touch-sensitive versions. The latest announcement about the end of the support for Windows 7 OS can be seen just as a starting of this novel business plan to boost the sales of the latest versions.

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