Yet Another Update Failure From Microsoft

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It seems that the recent Microsoft security updates do more harm than any good. Microsoft releases updates and hotfixes every second Tuesday under its Patch Tuesday program. However, the recent faulty updates have given quite a hard time to the company. Does it mean that the company is not interested to fix Microsoft errors?

Pressed on the frequent user backlash over flawed patch updates, Microsoft sources said that it had already released 13 security bulletins and they were capable of fixing almost 47 security issues. Among these security bulletins was the fix for Microsoft Outlook too. Nevertheless, this explanation has not proved to be enough to appease the millions of Microsoft users who are at trouble with the updates.

Security update was not the only intention behind Microsoft’s update patches. With its frequent updates, the tech giant focused on bug and stability fixes too. For instance, KB2817630 aimed at providing stability fix for Outlook 2013.

However, Microsoft invited severe criticism over the flaws associated with KB2817630 as it made the Outlook folder pane empty after the installation. Reports from the close associates of Microsoft indicate that the tech giant is closely examining the issues and trying to find out a lasting solution.

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Meanwhile, Microsoft advised those users who encountered problems with their Outlook 2013 application after installing KB2817630 to remove the update for the time being, until a new update is released. Microsoft claimed that it removed the problematic security update soon after a few reports regarding its failure. It has been reported that those who did not download and install the update did not face any issue with their Outlook program.

Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday updates and hotfixes are reported to bring in errors for the past four consecutive months. Due to the recurring errors, Microsoft was forced to cancel an Exchange update patch earlier. In fact, the tech giant is entrusted with a hefty responsibility now to fix Microsoft errors. However, experts are curious whether Microsoft is taking any progressive steps to prevent frequent windows errors. Unless Microsoft assures its users that no future security updates would cause any trouble, no users would be daring enough to download and install security patches or even the recommended ones.

Obviously, what people can do as a wise step to minimize the risk associated with Windows, is to refrain from installing any updates from Microsoft. Certainly, this is not a way to fix Microsoft errors but rather a way to minimize the potential risks.