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Are you a serious writer who creates your own manuscripts in the Microsoft Word program? If yes, this article is surely going to help you. You may also create your own table of contents with the Word program. Even though many users do not know how to make a table of contents with Microsoft Word 2008 program for Mac, doing so is very easy. These Microsoft help forum tips will help you to know more on the steps to make a table of contents and you will not have to send your manuscripts to your editor without a table of contents again.

Create Headings

All the chapters of your work should have a catchy heading. This saves you from the hassle of manually entering the information later. You may create headings by opening the format template. You can then click on the drop down arrow on the heading and then select Modify Style. Doing this will allow you to customize your heading to fit the rest of your document. Once you have done this, you can find chapter breaks on the document and then insert the chapter titles by selecting Heading 1 and subtitles by selecting the Heading 2, and then typing in the required information.


The table of contents that you make should be appropriately located in the document. The correct place to put this is after the title page and before the start of the text. It is good to leave a page between the table of contents and both the title page and the text of your document. After you have found the correct location of your table of contents, you may click on the Insert drop-down menu, select Documents Elements and then Table of Contents. After you do this, a menu will pop up at the top of your manuscript.

Making The Table of Contents

Modify Style

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Ensure that the Heading Styles radio button is selected. You may then scroll through the list of templates and then select the one that you like best. Double click on the style that you prefer and your table of contents will be shown.

Editing The Table of Contents

You may want the table of contents that you made to match the font that you used in the rest of your manuscript. You can double click anywhere on the table of contents to edit it. Highlight the complete text and then change it to the font that you use.

You can visit the Microsoft help forum to know more tips and tricks on creating the table of contents. The Microsoft help forum shares much valuable information on the different software programs that are offered by Microsoft.