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The security center in Windows 7 computer is the one stop destination from where you will be able to get information about system maintenance, security and issues found in the system. The security center also holds a diagnose tool that helps the user to diagnose and fix issues found in the system. Even though Microsoft has renamed the security center to Action Center, most people prefer to use the security center, so we will use the term Security Center in this article. Below we discuss some of the common features found in the Windows 7 security center.

Security Center Notifications

The program alerts you about urgent issues to be looked up on in the system via the notifications. This shows and gives the users a better idea about what the system needs and will help them to act accordingly for fixing the issues. Mostly you will get notifications when your antivirus is outdated or if you would need to update the system for increasing the speed of the system. Security Center also shows you notifications about problems found in the system.

Action Center Security

This section deals with the overall security of the operating system and the system as a whole. If the system does find any errors in any part of the operating system, you will be asked to take necessary steps for fixing the issue.

Action Center Maintenance

This part of the Action Center is used for maintaining the computer efficiently like backup of data, updating your Windows software and drivers etc.

Troubleshooting Options

The Troubleshoot Options tab in the action center can be used for finding and fixing all the issues in the system. The

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troubleshooting wizard will allow you to find and fix the issue found in your system easily, so that there is no need to contact the Windows 7 support team.

One of the best things associated with the Windows 7 security center is that it provides you with options to disable the program also if you find the program intimidating and annoying, as it sometimes dictates you to take certain actions. However, Windows 7 support center recommends running the security center periodically, as it will help you in keeping your system in its optimum performance by alerting you to update your system in a timely fashion.

The Windows 7 Action center is much better than the one found in the Windows Vista operating system, as it provides you an additional system maintenance tool and a user-friendly interface.