Connecting Windows 7 User Account With Windows Live ID

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We normally make use of the Windows user account to access Microsoft Windows services online. You would even have a Windows Live ID that you use when you are on the Windows Live network. Instead of opening both of these separately, it is possible to connect your Windows Live ID with the Windows 7 user account.

You can do this just by contacting the Windows 7 support team. It can also be done by following these steps.


  • Click on the Start button on the desktop and select Control Panel. Select the User Accounts applet and click on ‘Link online IDs’. It is the link that you will find on the left sidebar.
  • Select the ‘Add an online ID provider’ option that you find below the screen.
  • In your browser, a new web page will now open up. Now select the Windows Live logo that you will find in the center.
  • Now this will lead to another web page to appear and using it, you can easily download the Windows Live ID Sign-in Assistant. This is something that is used to install the Windows Live ID online provider.  Windows Live ID online provider is the only tool available that can link the Windows 7 user account with Windows Live ID.    You can expect even more such tool from service providers in the future. Meanwhile download the link for Windows Live ID sign-in assistant.

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  • Once you have installed the sign-in assistant, move to Control Panel and click User Accounts and select Link online IDs.  This will help you add Windows Live ID online provider.
  • Then, select the Add linked ID link and clicking this link will open a window with the login box and you need to provide the appropriate information in the given fields. It would mostly consist of the Windows Live credentials.
  • After filling in all the required information, click on the Sign in button. Doing this action will take only a few seconds and the Windows 7 user account will be connected to your Windows Live account.
  • After linking  the Windows 7 user account with the Windows Live ID, if you wish to remove or edit the ID, you can do it by clicking the Update credential option or click on the Remove linked ID link.

If you have any doubts regarding all this, you can contact the Windows 7 support team for assistance.