Steps To Fix The System Restore Points In Windows 7

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If you are using the Windows 7 operating system on your computer, you might have encountered issues with the system restore points missing in your system. There can be several reasons for this cause and there are many methods available to fix it. According to the Windows 7 support, these are as follows:

Disabling System Restore:

  • Disabling the system restore is one of the main fixing methods available to repair the system restore errors.
  • Now, right-click on My Computer and choose the option Properties. Then click on the System Protection link. Always click on the option Configure button on the System Protection tab. Now, you can also see that it says On for the current drive.
  • In the next step, click on the Turn off system protection radio button followed by OK. You would get a pop up message asking if you really want to do this.
  • Once you do this, it would delete all the previous restore points since that backup folder is being deleted. Restart your computer and then go back and turn the System Protection back on.

Check Disk Space Usage

  • Once you complete the steps, you can go to Computer, Properties, System Protection, followed by Configure, there is also a section pertaining to disk space usage.
  • Make sure that this value is not something that is less. The fact is that system restore would need a certain amount of space and old restore points that would automatically be deleted if there is not enough space on the disk. You can also contact the Windows 7 support to seek assistance.
  • You should also check the actual disk space left on your hard drive. Sometimes you may not realize and suddenly you only have a 100 MB free on your hard disk! That would also be something that would prevent system restore points from being created.

Dual Boot System 

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  • Now, if you are dual booting Windows 7 with another operating system like Windows XP, or both operating systems are on the same physical disk, one OS may be causing problems with the other.
  • Whenever you restart, the restore points may get deleted as it has been reported by several users who dual boot, especially with Windows XP. Hence, try to remove the dual boot or install each operating system on its own disk.

Hence, these are some of the main methods that would help you to fix the system restore errors. For more information check Microsoft’s official website.

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