Windows 7 support explaining the need for installing the sidebar in XP

Sidebar in any Windows operating system is the vertical bar displayed on the sides of the monitor screen. This bar shows the gadgets, that shows the glimpse of the information of the utility. For instance, if you have a tool to get the updated news, the gadget will display the headlines of the latest news. Windows 7 has an all improved sidebar that does not eat up the desktop space as in Vista. In Windows 7 the side bar is a transparent strip which comes live only when the mouse pointer is brought over it.

Windows 7 support says that this feature of the Windows 7 sidebar can be utilized in Windows XP operating system also. This will enable the users to have all the features of Windows 7 in XP. Windows 7 support will assist in installing the side bar in XP.

Features of sidebar according to Windows 7 support

Windows 7 sidebar has many features that on installing into Windows XP can be acquired to the operating system. The main feature of Windows 7 sidebar is more number of features than the Windows Vista sidebar. The Photo Management option of the sidebar will enable the users to access photos on the computer, upload and share those photos easily on Internet. Wi-Fi access and other wireless networking is just a single click away with the Windows 7 sidebar.

Other features of Windows 7 sidebar

The sidebar utility of the Windows 7 operating has many other features that make it unique. Burning DVD is much faster than in any other options. Snipping tool, Sticky Notes, Windows Journal, Input panel and many other features are included in the sidebar. Stick Notes will help the users to create reminders and short notes that can be accessed easily and quickly. The user can place them on the desktop for getting noticed easily.                

The users can adjust the opacity of the gadgets any time. Emails, news headlines, calendars, reminders, weather reports and many tools that are useful can be included in the sidebar, which will help the users in the daily life. This also keeps the user informed about the system; CPU meter, Drive info, Battery Usage, Fan Speed, this information is displayed for the reference of the user. Also, the size and font of these gadgets can be customized according to the user’s choice.

So go ahead, install Windows 7 sidebar for your Windows XP system, and enjoy the advantages.