Windows 7 Support for Turning the Sidebar Off

Well, let’s be honest here, since you are here, you probably think that the Windows Sidebar is useless and annoying. The debate can go on evaluating the pros and cons of these cheesy sidekicks, which supposedly makes the whole Windows 7 experiences a better one. I did agree to the Windows sidebar initially but sometimes it does annoy you. Well thankfully it can be disabled with Windows 7 support on removing the sidebar.

A word on the sidebar

The Windows sidebar is a bar on the left side of your screen placed vertically along the desktop. Fresh from installation, it can contain a variety of small programs, also to which you can add on according to your wish. The gadgets, small programs provide quick information at a glance. The widget engine came into being with the Windows Vista where it shows information like the weather, a fancy way to display time, the RSS feeds, the system time and so much more.

The Problem

The sidebar can sometimes be a total distraction especially when you are in the middle of something and one of the widget shows you some pictures of that special time you had, the effect? Your mind strays away into that dreamy good time you had with your friend long back. Another reason I had was when in the middle of work these widgets throws in updates from an annoying social networking website. It blurts to your face that your nemesis ‘Mr. Whatever’ got that promotion for which you were battling it out with the odd office hours, now no need of that!

Oh, don’t get me started. Well so many reasons why I need to remove them, yea! You could have so many more or think that it is just some eye candy out to distract you to the realm of “what on earth am I doing here”.

Windows 7 Support instructions to remove the sidebar

  • Click “Start”>”Control Panel”>”Programs”>”Programs and Features”>”Turn Windows Features On or Off”.
  • Now scroll down to “Windows Gadget Platform” and uncheck the box.
  • Click “Ok” and “Close” the Control Panel.
  • Now restart the computer. Once Windows has loaded, you can notice that when right clicking on the desktop there is no “Gadgets” option.

These steps from Windows 7 support can help you in getting rid of that Sidebar for good.