Windows 7 support to add wallpapers to your Netbook

Windows 7 support

changing wallpapers

Since you’re reading this post, I’m guessing you’re either a rich, fat and really old guy who, after all these years, thought it’d be nice to learn some ‘computer’, or you just pulled up this page so that your dad (who just barged into your room!) wouldn’t find what you were up to in your room. Well, I’m sure your dad already knows what was going on, he’s gone through all this!

Oh, another thing, the next time your dad walks into your room, make sure that you use the air freshener too. It might do the trick!

Okay, I guess that’s enough small talk, let’s move on to the issue in question.

Adding wallpapers

Wallpapers help you personalize your computer. In my case though, it’s the one thing that always escapes me. I mean, I never bother to change my wallpaper. But since this isn’t about me, let’s just skip that part.

Well, changing wallpapers in Windows 7 is pretty easy, just follow the steps given in the next section.

Windows 7 support instructions

  1. Click the Start button and then open the Control Panel. Here, type in Desktop Background into the search bar provided on top and then choose the Change desktop backgroundoption.

    Windows 7 support

    changing wallpapers

  2. Choose any of the default images that appear in this screen to set it as the default desktop wallpaper.
  3. People get bored with these default images easily and so, you may want to change it too. For this, click on the Picture Location drop down option so that you could take a look at other wallpapers.
  4. If you’ve got a picture saved somewhere on your computer, that you’d like to set as the wallpaper, you can use the Browse button. Navigate to the image location and double click on it to make it your wallpaper.
  5. Windows 7 support also asks you to use the Picture Position option. This option lets the OS know how you want the picture to be displayed.
  6. Once all that’s done, click Save Changes so that you can apply those changes.

Yes, that’s all the Windows 7 support you need to change your wallpaper. Ciao!

PS: your dad should’ve been gone by now, so yeah, you can go back to what you were ‘up to’!