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find expiration date

For a lot of you Windows enthusiasts, it is common knowledge that Microsoft replaced its version of Windows Vista with the new and much anticipated Windows 7 operating system by late 2009. This was with the aimed at successfully correcting a lot of the drawbacks and problems Windows Vista initially faced and was criticized for. This was also to provide Windows users with a more capable and user friendly Windows operating platform, in reaffirming their faith with Windows operating systems and products so to speak.

However, in getting back to our article and the task at hand, Windows 7 support points out that before the official launch of the same Windows 7 operating system, beta versions of it were first distributed that had effective expiration dates. Namely, Windows 7 RC and Windows 7 Beta with separate expiration dates. And as such, if you are a Windows 7 beta user yourself, verify your copy of the beta version and also its expiration date. More has been detailed below for your information.


Windows 7 operating system and its beta versions

Windows 7 RC

The Windows 7 RC version, as the Windows 7 support team points out, carries an effective expiration date of June 1, 2010. And so, beginning by February, computers with this beta version of the operating system installed will issue an expiration warning or pop-up every day displaying the exact expiration date. And even after the same warnings, if your computer has not been successfully updated, chances are it will shut down after two hours of use after March. You can also see browser support for more updates on browser support with Windows 7 RC>

Windows 7 Beta

windows 7 support

find expiration date

Note that Windows 7 Beta is the first version among the two operating systems. And as such, Windows 7 Beta has an earlier expiration date for August 1, 2009. Now once the warning begins on June 17, 2009 reminding you of the expiration date, the same will successively increase by July 1 if not updated and your computer will automatically restart after two hours of operation.


So for users failing to upgrade their beta versions of Windows 7 on their computers, you will then be displayed with a black desktop screen when your computer reboots. Windows 7 support reminds you that your computer will still work, but will continue to restart every two hours.

Additionally, a dialogue frequently pops up warning you on the authenticity of your version of Windows!