Windows 7 Support to Upgrade Vista to Windows 7

The features that Windows 7 OS offer are simply brilliant. Given the fact that the new OS has a brand new look and the new add-ons that offer better stability is much desired and lauded. This would make it necessary and almost a need to get your old OS replaced with the new features that Windows 7 has to offer.

Users who wish to upgrade their current version of windows to Windows 7 should however bear in mind that there are a set of paths for different version of windows-i.e.-the way you can install Windows 7 on your computer depends on the current version of windows you have. The Following text from Windows 7 Support gives you detailed info on the same, so that you can have a hassle free upgrade.

Windows 7 Support for different versions of Vista

The following text tells you how to upgrade the different version of Vista to Windows 7

Vista Ultimate

 The users who currently have Windows Vista Ultimate installed in their computer can upgrade only to the Ultimate version of Windows 7.  Upgrades from Vista Ultimate to other edition other than Windows 7 ultimate are not possible.

Vista Home

Users that have the Vista Home Premium edition can upgrade to, two higher versions of Vista, namely- Windows 7 Ultimate and Windows 7 Home Premium editions. And for the Windows Vista Basic users, they can get their PC upgraded to Windows 7 ultimate, Home Premium or Home Basic. The feature to downgrade editions during upgrade options is not permissible.

Other Versions of Vista

The Computers using Windows Vista Business version can upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows 7 Enterprise or Windows 7 Professional edition. However the Vista Enterprise edition can only be upgraded to Windows 7 Enterprise edition.

Scenarios where Upgrade would not be possible

It would not be possible to upgrade those systems using Windows XP, Me, 98 or 95 to Windows 7. Also the special versions of Windows Vista and some pre-release versions cannot be upgraded either. if it is found that you do not meet the criteria for qualifying for an update it is recommended that the full Operating system package be purchased for installation.

So keep these points from Windows 7 Support when you try to upgrade your system to Windows 7. This can help save you time by choosing the right option for upgrade.