Troubleshooting The Ntvdm.Exe Error

Windows 7 support

Getting rid of the Ntvdm.exe error

The newer versions of operating systems from Microsoft, which include the likes of Windows Vista and Windows 7, are all 32-bit versions. But then again there are a few applications that are compatible with the 16-bit machines. Therefore to circumvent this particular problem, Windows make use of the NTVMD.exe (NT Virtual DOS Machine), which makes use of a separate virtual-operating-system space that supports 16-bit applications. Yet still the executable is likely to run into problems of its own. This mostly occurs when you happen to run multiple 16-bit applications on your computer, or if you are running a DOS application that requires exclusive access to RAM and other components. Thankfully the issue can be easily located and neutralized. Here are a few instructions from Windows 7 support for the same.


  • First up, make sure that the 16-bit application has a shortcut on the desktop. While installing the 16-bit application, the installer may have installed a regular shortcut on the Start menu or in a program folder under All Programs. However, to run properly on Windows 7, 16-bit programs need a specially configured shortcut on the desktop.
  • Now make a desktop shortcut for the application in case it does not have one. Select Start, then Computer. Browse to the folder containing the executable file (.exe) for the DOS or 16-bit application. Right-click and hold the filename, and then drag the file to the desktop. When the pop-up window appears, click the Create Shortcuts Here option. A new shortcut appears on the Windows desktop. Attempt to run the application using the Window shortcut.
  • Right-click the desktop shortcut for the application if it still does not open or run the way it should. Click Properties on the pop-up menu. In the Properties windows, click Shortcut, then the Advanced button.
  • Enable the Run as Administrator and Run in Separate Memory Space options, and the click OK. Click OK again to close the Properties window.
  • Click the Compatibility tab in the Properties window. Enable the Run this program in compatibility mode for check box. Click the drop-down list, and the select Windows 95.


    fixing Ntvdm.error

  • Restart the computer and attempt to run the older application using the desktop shortcut. If the application runs properly, use the program as you normally would. If you still see NTVDM.exe errors, enable the following options on the Compatibility tab of the desktop shortcut window:
  • Run ┬áit in 256 colors;
  • Run in 640 x 480 screen resolution
  • Disable visual themes
  • Disable desktop composition
  • Disable display scaling on high DPI settings

Thus these instructions from the Windows 7 support team will help you in successfully rectifying the Ntvdm.exe error.